Sunday, February 26



I love you & I miss you! Ang nag-iisang ate ko, tapos friend ko pa, tapos minsan, nanay na din naming lahat. Heheh JOKE! Thankyou for being one. You’re all that I could wish for! Pili man ang oras na magkakasama tayo, pero alam natin na our friendship has always been there, and will always be there!

You may have topak sometimes, but that’s why we love you so much. We can never imagine how our lives will be without your small tampo with us. Remember the fight we had years ago? I always smile whenever I remember the cute reconciliation we had through text. I guess that moment made our friendship even stronger, and by that moment, I thought from that day on, nothing will separate us from each other.

I’ll always love how you care for us whenever we’re upset. You always have solutions to every problems, that’s how I admire you. You’re very strong, just like a typical ate who we can lean on every time. I hope I can also be strong for you, I know I can.

On your special day, I wish you happiness, as always.. Enjoy your day and the love that God has been showered you from the day you were born. Your amazing ate kaye! Yes you are :)

I love you forever Ate kaye! Mwaaahhh :)